Today on #InternationalWorkersDay, we celebrate the music that is created every second of every day in every #Workplace...

Posted by Siemens - Pay It Forward on Saturday, 30 April 2016

Work has always been a part of human life. The nature of work has changed, the tools and equipment has changed, but what still remains is the attitude toward work. Work is still perceived as something we have to do rather than something we want to do. This International Worker’s Day, L&K Saatchi and Saatchi helped Siemens make the work place a fun place.

The symphony uses the sounds created by various tools, instruments and machines within a factory. Called “The Sound of Work”, it was released by Siemens India to mark International Workers Day on May 1. The video portrays a typical day of work in the life of a factory worker, starting with the morning. Each of the sounds was recorded separately over 30 hours, and then composed into a single piece over 150 hours.

The L&K Brain Flex: Sound of Work

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