After Snapchat’s introduction of Snapcash, brands were inevitably going to find a way to spin this to their advantage. Brands have been experimenting with Snapchats interactive ads for a while, usually within Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ Channels – where the bulk of branded content on the platform is published.

Lancome & Target ran shoppable ads on Cosmopolitan’s channel, which appeared between immersive content published by Cosmo.
Each ad had a 10-second call-to-action allowing viewers to swipe upwards for further information.
The Target ad read, “New products every week.” An additional swipe down, leads users to Target’s mobile site where people can buy said products – which ranged from plant stands to water bottles. Lancome on the other ad promoted a single lip product – ‘Juicy Shaker’, just like Target you could purchase the product without leaving Snapchat.

The already large and ever-increasing user base of Snapchat will ensure other brands jump onto the bandwagon – especially after Snapchat announced that users watch over 10 billion videos every day and 60% of their active users create content on a daily basis.

The shift from eCommerce to mCommerce seems to be gaining momentum – day by day.

Snapchat introduces Ecommerce Ads!

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