This seemingly harmless exchange of pleasantries between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, sparked an idea in Michael Sippey – founder of the messaging app ‘Talkshow’.

This conversation, although between the two globally recognized musicians – the sheer relatability of it, is what Michael Sippey picked up on. He states in a blog post, “This little exchange is funny, it’s personal, and even though Tay and Ed are multi-platinum superstars, their conversation is relatable. Why? Because everybody texts! And everybody texts about everything: sports, TV, politics, Beyonce’s Lemonade, Damn Daniel, or what they’re eating for dinner. I wanted to create Talkshow to give people a platform to share these conversations in front of an audience.”

People message each other every day, it’s how most of us communicate, sometimes even ignoring the actual people in front of us.
Talkshow turns your chat into a form of media, that people can tune in to – hence the name texting in public.

While talkshows having been around for decades, everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has tuned in to one, the more avid fans have admired comedians/talk show hosts and some of us have even envied the job of the host. “I wish I could do something like that for a living” – I don’t know about the rest of you, but this thought has certainly struck me every time I tune into The Graham Norton Show.

Well anyway, this application (available on both iPads & iPhones – ) empowers you to do just that.



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