The Renault KWID was a revolutionary car in all aspects. With a host of features available at a very reasonable price, KWID carved its own niche in the very competitive hatchback sector. For the launch of Renault KWID, in addition to traditional media, social media also played a large role in the pre & post launch promotions.

Pre-Launch: Renault KWID was already a known name with auto enthusiasts as it was first released as a concept car at the Auto Expo in 2014 and its release was much awaited. To build on that buzz, we created the #LiveForMore campaign, which spoke about how the KWID allows you to get more out life. This was also adapted as a series of Twitter contests wherein, on the basis of a few short videos, we asked users how they would live for more with Renault KWID.  This activity ran in conjunction with the launch of the KWID.

Post-Launch: Post the official launch, we had to familiarize users with the name KWID. To do this, we ran the KWIDpedia contest across Facebook & Twitter where users would have to make a new word with the word KWID in it, such as KWIDomania. The contest was well received by the fans who participated with great enthusiasm and helped sustain the hype about Renault KWID online.

To create engagement around the Renault KWID, we created the #KrazyForKWID campaign wherein users had to tell us, via photo or video, how far they would go to win a Renault KWID and the biggest hook was the prize – the winner actually got a Renault KWID!
Along with contests, we also promoted two digital initiatives started by Renault to push sales of the KWID – The KWID App where users could view the features, check out the prices, compare it with the competition and book the car with ease. We also promoted the Virtual Showroom, a digital property which as the name suggests, lets users experience Renault KWID from the comfort of their home or office.

All these activities resulted in a tremendous online push for Renault KWID and helped it achieve over 70,000 bookings within 45 days!


  • Received over 1700 entries for the Kwidpedia contest
  • Received over 4000 entries for the Krazy For KWID contest
  • Engagement rate during Krazy for KWID was 5.81%
  • Among the total conversations online between Renault India and its competitors, 67% of users spoke about Renault
  • Helped increase positive sentiment about the brand before the launch of the KWID
  • Helped push sales of the Renault KWID
  • Reached 70,000 bookings in 45 days
Renault KWID, the Game Changer.

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