The digital space for the Telecom sector is cluttered with brands aggressively pushing product offerings. While this may generate brand awareness, it does not generate any ‘brand love’. We at Idea decided that we will not just speak to the customer about what we have to offer but also engage with him on issues and topics that are relevant to him or a part of his daily life. This was the genesis of Idea’s live creativity.

One such example was the social media post we did for the discovery of Earth 2.0. The relevance of our topic and the simplicity in its depiction not only got us great traction on social media but was also picked up and featured by Lighthouse Insights in an article titled “Best real-time content examples of 2015” (Article Link below)

Post Creative:

Owing to the relevance of our content and prudence of strategy, brand Idea’s social media posts are always the top performers across the telecom sector. We acheieve an average reach of 600K people per post and best-in-sector engagement ratios of over 6%.

Check out a few more examples where live creativity lead the way in creating brand love for Idea Cellular:







After the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris:


On Friendship Day:


After the Peshawar school attacks:






When Saina Nehwal became the top-ranked Badminton player in the world:


Live creativity motivates us to engage with our audience on a daily basis with relevant, engaging and important content.

Stay tuned, who knows what is going to break next…


Live Creativity for Idea Cellular

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