Idea Tech Talks, a technology based content portal, was conceptualized and developed to engage with our consumer base through information, conversations and reviews. Our aim was to ensure a strong connect for Brand Idea with the world of tech innovations and gadgetry. Our core proposition was to make technology simple.

Such a portal needed an emphatic launch pad. We devised a campaign to launch the portal with two primary objectives:

  1. a) Ensure maximum discovery and exploration of the portal
  2. b) Usage of a concept that tied into the value proposition of the portal

We realized that our target audience was young and going increasingly digital. Hence, we decided to introduce them to the portal through engaging gamification that satisfied both primary objectives. So how did we make technology simple?

We developed a microsite on which our game rested. We called the game Tech Quotient and created an illustration with hidden clues for various technology brands and products. Users had to locate and guess all 8 clues in the shortest time possible. Their performance determined their Tech Quotient! Once they had played the game, they would have to register with either Twitter or Facebook before they could see the leaderboard.

The activity was successful as users were expected to identify the technology through a visually appealing illustration. The challenge of mapping a visual to the technology it represented in the shortest possible time ensured multiple replays. It also resulted in substantial sharing of scores. The process of ensuring that scores were submitted only after playing the game, made the user drop-off a lot lower during the time of social verification.

The successful launch of Idea Tech Talks resulted in great traction and greatly enhanced brand familiarity with our audience.

Visit the Website:

Idea Cellular – Tech Talks

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