2015, the year of the Diva

In the winter of last year, 109°F unveiled a brand new collection featuring bold prints, bright colors and contemporary cuts. To showcase this overwhelming variety of designs, the brand teamed up with Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi to create a one-of-a-kind brand campaign. One that went beyond fashion to find a place in the day-to-day life of ever urban Indian woman.

The insight was simple. Be it a dinner date, a night out with friends, a weekend getaway or an evening with family, we found that the urban Indian woman fulfils many roles. 109°F saw this as an opportunity, not just to offer great outfits for each occasion, but to bring out the diva in every woman.
After much preparation and anticipation, we launched a 360° campaign. While the print ads showcased a variety of divas, they signed off with a question #WhatDivaAreYou.  The idea instantly prompted women everywhere to think about and express the kind of Diva they envision themselves to be.
A chic, stylish commercial showcased modern day divas donning their 109F outfits in a variety of occasions. The video received over 50,000 hits on YouTube too!


The brand’s facebook page too was overhauled to create small engagements such as #WhatDivaAreYou, #DivaHacks and more.  Digital contests encouraged women to wear 109F outfits and create their very own diva avatar.


The final message: No matter what the occasion, our designs will bring out the Diva in you.
RESULTS (3 months)

Whilst cementing its place in the lives of women across India, the campaign also brought into focus the demographic that we were talking to and thus helped target our future campaigns as well.

  1. Reach: 1,281,815
  2. Average engagement ratio  7.2% with a maximum engagement of 9.7%
  3. Over 5500 Facebook likes  on Facebook
109°F – 2015, the year of the Diva

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