It Took Me Over A Year

Let me introduce myself – My name is Peenaz Aspi Irani, a Group Head – Client Servicing in a Digital Advertising Agency called Digital Law & Kenneth Saatchi and Saatchi.

On an average, I work 10 to 11 hours a day (nothing shocking there, everyone does it) and I have a desk job. My day starts at 9:30 am and ends nothing before 8 pm everyday any day!

By the end of the day, I do not have the energy or the inclination to socialize, exercise or sexualise!

Jan 2015 -  I weighed 76 kgs and my skin felt dirty, I was low on energy, I could hardly walk up 3 floors without losing my breath (thinking this much exercise is good enough – taking the stairs once a week made me feel good) and I looked 6 years older than my aunt who is 42 years old! Sob. Sob.

April 2016 - I weigh 53 kgs, I can run a half marathon (21 kms) without dying (or the feeling of it), my brain is always active, my skin is amazing (at least I think so) and I do not look a day older than my age! #HowDoYouLikeMeNow

I lost 23 kgs in 1 year and 3 months – WITHOUT GOING TO THE GYM OR CONSULTING A DIETICIAN!

Remember that cliché #WordPorn – Once you have decided to do something 50% of the work is already done the remaining is just ACTION! LOL – Turns out, it is actually true.

We invest so much of our time in our work / career etc. without realising our body and mind needs to be taken care of!

If you are putting on weight, your skin in unhealthy, you feel unhealthy, it is your body trying to tell you to pay attention to it #CareForYourBody.

If you have a work life similar to mine and no time for the gym or inclination of listening to an overweight dietician, start working on just a few things and you will see results in less than 20 days!

START YOUR DAY – Start your day with a smile and a glass of hot water with cinnamon, ginger, honey and lemon (cinnamon absorbs sugar) and it helps wake you up coz of the taste! 10 mins after you have had the morning cup, it’s time for some form of work-out! Pick your own work-out (the idea is not to give it up). Do it every day (6 days a week) for a minimum of 30 mins. It can be Zumba, skips, climbing stairs, yoga, running, a sport, stomach, a combination of all of them.

I used the below workout to start with (Tip – Pick a hot guy video to copy, you will work out every day)

  • 1000 jumps
  • 6 minutes of Zumba ( you can do any Zumba you like or cardio workout you like)
  • 6 minutes of Tabata –
  • Stomach exercises (2 sets of 25, do a minimum of 3 types – cycle, crunches, legs lifting)
  • After exercise – breathing exercises (do minimum of 3 mins)

EAT EVERY 2 HOURS – It is like one of those statements which you hear everyone say and you would never do it. Stock munchies like chana, oat biscuits, fruits (loads and loads of fruits), raisins, dry fruits, baked food (basically anything that you do not consider as food initially is good for you and your body).

THE QUANTITY MATTERS – Cut down the quantity you eat bi***!! #NeverFeelFull is the biggest trick. Since you are eating every 2 hours now, you do not have to eat till you are full! Cut down by half of what you eat. Never miss breakfast.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. 

Also, be prepared for mood swings because you are cutting down on what your body is used to getting (not necessarily what it needs).

P.S – Do not be alarmed of the quantity of poop (it will reduce a lot if you eat less since your body is breaking down all the protein, sugar, carbs and using it- All of it!)

WATER! WATER! WATER! – The most common reason why we are lethargic when we put on weight, skin looks really bad, old, is because of lack of water in the body, HOT, WARM, LUKE WARM, a part of green tea, room temperature water, lemon water, honey water (notice there is no cold water) drink any through-out the day. At work walk anywhere / everywhere in a meeting room always and always with a glass / bottle of water.

A lot of water in the body helps metabolism, the skin glow, helps you not feel hungry – #ItWorksLikeADream

WATCH WHAT YOU EAT AFTER 7 PM – I had a Jain friend, whose entire family never consumed anything after sunset except hot water, turns out it was scientific and not religious! The body needs a minimum of 3 to 4 hours (depending upon your body type) to digest what you eat before you go to bed. Normally with a working schedule like ours, we tend to eat after 9 / 10 pm! #BiggestMistake. Order in early and eat by latest 7:30 pm. Avoid salty and oily food. Eat – grilled chicken with salad, grilled fish, nuts, a few fruits (no mangoes, grapes, etc.) – There are so many articles available on what you can eat. Read them!

Honestly, the best part about the journey of losing weight is you and your body will connect! #SoundsWeird. But it is true. What you eat, how much you eat, work- out, it will tell you what is working what is not! Much like data analysis that we do for work! Observe, adapt and act fast to capitalize!

The reason why gyms or dietitians did not work for me is because I hate listening to others, so all I did was followed a few tips, read a lot on food. Food good for the body, mind and soul and tried it out!



Let’s get real here – socializing is drinking and eating with friends and office colleagues. While it will be criminal to have a whisky – coke, any cocktail from the menu (coz of the sugar) along with bar snacks on your diet, it will not be so bad to have a vodka with water and lime, channa (as chakna) and roast chicken while you are out socializing.


Have you ever heard a success story without failure? Struggle? It is going to happen to you – The thought of giving up – deal with it in the right way! The cravings, the urges, it will creep in and that is when you channel the energy and fight the hardest to come out the strongest (well in our case the healthiest). In the end it will all be worth it!

All the best!
#TowardsASexierTomoorrow #StartToday

Peenaz Irani
Group Head – Client Servicing
Snapchat – peenazi
Instagram – peenazi

Give your 100% to work, but do not forget about your body. My work / life balance story #CareForYourBody

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